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Why should you use Birds EvolutionPRO

Keep track of every detail

Every breeder needs to track at least basic information like hatch dates and parents of their birds. Writing that information on paper is slower than on your computer. You need a organized and complete software like Birds Evolution Pro to manage your breeding.

Dedicated to bird breeders

Exclusively designed for birds. Entirely created by avian breeders and based on the work of several clubs dedicated to bird breeders.

Made to meet your needs

What you need is probably already available inside the software. Advanced genealogy, genetics, blood follow up, custom follow-up, standard ratings, specificities (flags), genetic research fields, treatment list... and much more!
If you have any idea simply submit it and it has a good chance to be included in the next version.

Store records faster

  • Enter birds from a table, it will automatically generate individual cards preloaded with the information that you've provided.
  • Direct input from the Family Tree, simple and faster, automatically link parents to every bird entered.
  • Most operations, like the creation of new birds, are taking less than 15 seconds.
    The interface is made to manage things faster than any other software.