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Did you know?

The Light Edition of Birds Evolution Pro is free and not time limited.

A Bird Breeding Software Built For You

Have you already tried Birds Evolution Pro? If that’s the case you’ve certainly seen the benefits of using a Bird Breeding Management software for your breeding. There is no time limit in our Light Edition, however this free edition has a maximum records limit for each year of breeding and does not contain every function included in a full-license.

Not yet familiar with the software? Check out these pages :

Why should I upgrade to an better edition?

Consider upgrading to the Standard or Extra Edition to remove records limitations and unlock some features! Because every sale directly supports the Birds Evolution community project, you’ll get +25 bonus points for advertising on this community.


Delivery methods

  • Free Download
  • USB Device
    Prefered choice for multiple PC users: order one 4GB USB Device for only €7.00 (+ shipping fees)

Payment methods

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  • Credit Card (Online)
    Prefered method, it's easy, fast and secure
  • Check / Money order
    Our address is located on the contact page. Non-european checks are subject to a +7$ bank fees or they will be returned.
  • Foreign countries
    You can pay by Webmoney (Russian customers only) or other payment methods, contact us for more information.

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Contains all the features of the Light Edition, plus:
  • Unlimited records
  • Fulll access to the functions only accessible by the Standard Edition
  • Prioritary support
  • 2 years of free updates

From only


(Regular price: €57.00)

Contains all the features of the Standard Edition, plus:
  • Advanced Hand-Feeding Follow-up
  • Advanced Egg Growth Follow-up
  • Improved Invoicing System

From only


(Regular price: €69.00)

Save money by buying multiple licenses (up to -40% of combined price reduction)

Minimum 2 licenses required to get a 10% price reduction.

xStandard Edition + xExtra Edition

Your current savings 0% ($0.0) => $0.0.

Do you already have a Standard Edition? Get the Extra Edition now!

Upgrade from the Standard to Extra Edition for only €14.00.

Subscription / Periodical Upgrade Cost

There is no obligatory upgrade, every upgrade is optional : the software will never «expire» once properly installed and activated.

We reserve the right to ask for an upgrade fee when changing versions of Birds Evolution Pro. However each sale comes with a minimum of 2 year of free updates guarantee or more depending on the statement of this page at the time of the purchase. For example, from 2006 (Birds Evolution Pro version 1 is available since April 2006) to 2010, every updates were free.

For Standard and Extra Edition users from 2006 to 2009, the upgrade cost is
Includes all versions until 04-2019


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