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Getting Started with Birds Evolution Pro

What species is it able to manage?

Our software has been specifically designed for exotic birds like finches, parakeets and parrots.
It can also be used for other types of birds like doves, pigeons and poultry.

DownloadIt's FreeAre you up to date? Current version : 3.61D 2013-02-03 * The Light Edition is limited to a maximum of 5 new birds per year of breeding.

Compatible with:
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7


Please use the button at your left side or the "Downloads" page to download the software.

If you have a 64bit system you need to go on the "Downloads" page to get the 64bit version of the software.
Birds Evolution Pro is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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The installation process is pretty straightforward. Run the installer that you have downloaded, select your language, and click on OK, Next, Accept or Finish button.
Birds Evolution Pro will start at the end of the installation process.

First Launch

  1. There are usually more language available for the software than available on the installer, choose your language once again, and click on OK.

    Give a name for your Bird Breeding, your actual complete name, country and email address. After that, click on OK.

  2. In order to be used, Birds Evolution Pro requires to be activated with a registration key which is totally free.

    Specific Cases

    If you are not receiving the registration code by email within one minute:

    • The email that you have typed is invalid
    • Our message has been detected as indesirable ("Spam" folder), accept incoming email from and try again.
    • The firewall (sometimes antivirus integrate this function) has blocked Birds Evolution Pro Internet request by default. Please check your firewall/antivirus software and allow Birds Evolution Pro to contact Internet.

    If the registration process fails it could be due to two cases:

    • The code that you provided is invalid (common case)
    • The firewall (sometimes antivirus integrate this function) has blocked Birds Evolution Pro Internet request by default. Please check your firewall/antivirus software and allow Birds Evolution Pro to contact Internet.

    Another cause may be the registration service to be not functionnal, if you think this is the case and if it is not resolved within 24h please advise us by email. This case is really rare, we've done thousands of registrations without any problem.

    First ask Birds Evolution Pro to send you this registration key at the specified email address.

    After that you have received the registration key, indicate that you have the specified key by clicking on "Yes".

    Provide the key and click on OK.

  3. After the registration process, your software will be accessible and you will be able to pick the Skin (visual) of Birds Evolution Pro. Choose the style that reflects the most your breeding.
  4. It's done, you are now able to use Birds Evolution Pro!

The Basics


After starting Birds Evolution Pro you will see the first window which is the starting point of the whole software.

Note that Birds Evolution Pro is able to manage multiple screens at the same time! This means you can open several bird cards on the same window and see any of them at the same time.

Like many management softwares, there is usually two types of windows.

1. Tables (lists)

They are used for displaying many records of a specific file, and they provide many great features:

  1. Top of the table
    Usually there are filtering options at the top of the lists. In this case, the birds list contains a specific "View system" that will store the views that you often need. A view is basically a set of filtering options that you are saving in order to use it again in the future in two clicks (by clicking on the green arrow at the right of the "Current View" button). Check the video tutorials for more information.
  2. Table itself
    It contains the records that you previously have entered in the software. Each record will be represented by a row in the table. If the records cannot fit entirely in the table you will see scrollbars appear at the sides of the table.
  3. Bottom of the table
    Every button interacting with the table will be available at the bottom of the table. In a few cases it is placed at the top of the table for a better accessibility.
  4. Magnifying glass
    The magnifying glass is a search option for a specific column. When clicked, it will show a field where you can put text, any text inside the field will reorder the table rows showing the best match for the text you have entered. It's a really quick way to find a record.
    This option is not always available.
  5. Column Arrows
    They let you order the table by a specific column. If you need to order the table by using several columns, hold the "Ctrl" key and click on the columns.
  6. Table options
    With that button you will be able to access to several options of the table. One that is particulary interesting is the possibility to hide some columns. You can click on the checked columns names so the unchecked columns will not appear anymore in the table. Of course this action can be cancelled by clicking on the unchecked column names.
  7. Buy Now

    Support our project by buying a complete edition of this wonderful bird breeding software!

    Global selection
    It will check/uncheck every row in the table.
    This option is not always available.
  8. Table controls
    If you do not want to use scrollbars or clicks you can use these to move between the records of a table.
  9. New - Button
    This is the probably the first button you will have to use, this opens a empty new record. In this case it will open a new bird card (we are in the birds list)
  10. Special action - Button
    Close to the new button, this button will open a "Multiple records" tool, with which you will be able to create multiple birds in a really fast way without having to open a new card each time.
  11. Buttons concerning the selected record
    • Open - Button
      It opens the selected record in a window. In this case it will open a bird card that contains every information about a specific bird.
      Same behaviour than a double click on a record.
    • Delete - Button
      With this you will be able to delete the selected record.
      In this case it can delete a bird if it's not already used in the software. Be careful to NOT delete birds that are now inactive in the breeding, for this special case you need to change the status of the bird, deleting a bird because of a death is bad for several reasons (the genealogy for example, if you delete a bird it will never show up as an ancestor of one of its descendant).
    • Print - Button
      This usually prints the selected record or the records that you have checked (if any).
      This option is not always available.
  12. OK / Close - Button
    If you have opened the list because you needed to select a specific record, you need to select the record and then click on this button to commit your selection.
    For example, if you were in the "Bird Card" and needed to select the father of the current bird, this window would've been opened and you would have to select the record and then OK, or cancel the selection by using the close button at the top right corner of this window (X).
  13. Comment - Button
    To send any comment about a window, use this button, it will open a comment window where you will be able to write your own message and send it to us without having to open any email software.
  14. Resizing feature
    You can resize most of the windows of Birds Evolution Pro, any change will be memorized by the system.

2. Cards

They are usually used for displaying a specific record. Cards are usually opened by double clicking on a table row and contains information about a specific record and the records that are linked to it.

  1. Standard Field
    Text input or numeric value.
    When fields are required, they generally have a * after their label.
  2. Dropdown list
    They generally contain only static text. They can be combined as you can see here: the second dropdown depends on the first dropdown.
    Some of them might be linked to a file, when that's the case a button like this appear at the right of the dropdown list:
  3. Tabs
    When there isn't enough space to display all the information, we're using tabs in order to regroup the information inside a card.
  4. Linked Fields
    They depend on another file of the program. This example shows a linked field on the Species file. You cannot directly edit a linked field.

    How to erase a linked field?

    Right click on the blue button

    1. Click on the blue button at the right of the field
    2. Select the record that you want to place in this field
    3. Close by validating the window with OK button
    4. The field content has now changed
  5. OK/Cancel - Buttons
    This will commit or cancel the modifications that have not yet been memorized.
    Be careful, if you have tables inside a card, any change in it will be memorized even if you use the Cancel button.
  6. Images
    Images can often be clicked in order to be viewed in a full screen mode.
    The button makes you able to set the image.
    Deleting the image is possible by right clicking on the button.

View System

Let's take a look to the view system. A view is a set of filtering options that are applied to a specific window.
Birds Evolution Pro will contain more and more views possibilities with every update.

Why should I need to store a "view"?

The example is simple, let's say that you want to view every: canary (1), female (2), born after January 2011 (3), cage #3 (5), available only (4).
A view is a set of these kind of information, that you can store if you want to reuse it later.


The number are showing where you should select/enter some information for each of the characteristics of the request above.

Views are not stored by default, this means you can use one but it won't save it automatically (usefull for temporary searchs), if you want to save a view click on "Save as". You can switch view by selecting a previously stored view in the "Current View" dropdown list.

In this interface, there's a new kind of field: the selection list. At the top of each list (for example the species selection) the Select button will open the table of the specified file, and the red button at the right will delete the selected record from the selection.

After each new selection

The "Description" will be updated depending on the items that you have selected.

After validation

Back to the Birds List you will see at the top of the window the current view description, and the data inside the table will only contain the data of your breeding filtered by the current view.

In this example we selected all available females of the list.

If you save a view, it will appear at the right of the "Current View" button and you will be able to select it again.

You are now able to "move" within Birds Evolution Pro!


Where can I add my birds?

They are several ways to add your birds inside this program.

  1. You can open the list of the birds by using one of the links on the start page (Available, Unavailable, External), then click on "New" after the list of the birds has shown up
  2. You can also use the "+" button in the birds section of the start page

The power of Birds Evolution Pro is that you will also be able to add records using other screens. For example, you can add birds directly by the Family Tree, or by creating a new pair. Each time you will see the birds list, you will be able to add birds. This is really an interesting feature because you can create records while creating other records.

Bird Status

One of the goal of a bird breeding program is to help you to build a complete Family Tree. If a bird dies or has been sold, you do not have to delete it but simply change its status.
The "External" status is available to store birds that are not in your breeding and will probably never be, it is usefull to add the parents of birds that you have bought.

The status is one of the most important thing to update, with that information Birds Evolution Pro will be able to filter the records and only show what's really important.

Birds Evolution Pro will hide or show fields depending on the current status of the bird.

Fast entries

In the bird card you only have to enter the Identifier (which is the band number or the name that you've given to your bird), current status, species, sex and origin.
Everything else is optional.

Species importation

Birds Evolution Pro comes with dozens of species details that can be downloaded.
On the first time that you are adding a bird of a particular species, you will have to create its species. You can check if this species is available online by using the sharing button of the species list.

If you are doing it from the bird card, you will have to:

  1. Click on the blue button at the right of the "Species" field
  2. This will open the species list. After that, click on the sharing button at the bottom right of the list:
  3. Select "Import" (needs an active internet connection)
  4. A new window will be opened, wait a few seconds then you will see the list of the available species

    Note that species and mutations are not fully translated in all languages, usually we're only providing English and/or French
  5. Simply select the species that you want to add to your list, and click on the import button
  6. It will automatically return to the list of the species, and you should see the new species appearing in the list


The Genealogy tab contains the parents information that you can change, and also buttons to directly open the Family Tree and the Relationships windows.
It also shows the latest pairs where the current bird has been linked to.


If one bird has a negative or a positive characteristic, you can note it directly in here.
For example: a bird has the bad habit to kill his children, you can easily store that information with the specificities list.

The content of this list is linked to the species card itself.
You will have to close this bird card, open the list of the species ("Sources" section of the start page), select the desired species, open it and add the characteristic inside the specificities list.

Then it will be available on the bird card, and you will be able to check "Yes" if this characteristic is present on the bird.

When one specificities is checked, a green flag will appear at the top right of the window. This flag can be clicked to put the focus on the specificities list of the bird.

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Mutations and varieties

In our program we have up to three ways to deal with mutations.

  1. Varieties field (first tab)
    When you do not know much in Genetics but you want to filter by type of the mutation your records, you can use the varieties field. For example, you can use the Varieties field to add a Lutino variety
  2. Phenotype/Genotype, simple mode
    If you want to specify manually the phenotype and genotype of your bird, you can by directly typing on the fields of the Genetic tab

The third case is following.

Advanced Genetics

The advanced Genotype is directly linked to the species of your bird, every change will be made in the species card.

Click on the "Advanced Mode", and this window will open:

The changes can be made on the "Mutant Genes" column. Depending on the genetic characteristics of your bird, select 0, 1 Mutant Gene (split) or 2 Mutant Genes.

If one mutation seem to be missing on the advanced genetic window, you can add them directly by using the Mutations tab of the species card.

It requires a good knowledge of genetics to fill these informations. More information about genetics can be found on the Internet.

Once you've commited the changes, the Advanced Mode will be active and the Genotype will not be editable except by using the Advanced Mode again.

When the advanced genetics mode is activated, a DNA logo is shown as the top right of the window. You can click on it to be redirected on the advanced genetics window.

Standards Ratings

If you need to select birds with special traits this section should be interesting for you: with this section , you will be able to give a rating to specific birds characteristics (usually visual). Characteristics can be entered by using the "Standard Ratings" section of the species card.

If you are doing some research in order to have the best birds possible, you can use the fields Feathers/Song/Posture create  for that purpose.

Advanced Follow-Ups

Any note about your bird should be entered in this section. Every column in the tables that are located in "Examination Reports" and "Blood Follow-Up" are customizable (User Settings window).


You can mark this record with a specific text, fill custom fields, and also view some of the links that this bird have with other files.

Go to the next tutorial.


The breeding management screen is where you will be able to create pairs and their clutches, eggs and descendants.

1. Seasons management

Your breeding management screen is based on the current selected season. By managing by seasons, you will be able to view the pairs that you had during that season and their outputs (clutches and descendants). You can create as many seasons as you want by using the "New" button of the "Season List".

The management by season is totally optional, a default season is automatically created so you do not have to set up the seasons if you do not want to.

2. Adding your pairs

After the season selection (one season is created by default), you will be able to create pairs by clicking on the "New" button at the top left of the breeding management screen.

Let's use the direct selection tool, click on each blue button (link button) at the right of each field "Bird 1" (usually the Male) and "Bird 2". Click on OK. You will see that new pair has been added to left list.

3. Adding eggs

If you want to start a new clutch, select "New Clutch", and click OK. The first egg that you are creating is available in the left list (clutch content).

Every information about the egg can be entered in this window, if you want to add more eggs to the clutch, simply click on "New Egg" at the bottom of the left list. You can withdraw the egg temporarly (optional), enter the incubator where the egg has been put (optional), and also link the egg to a bird if it has hatched.

4. Adding descendants

When an egg hatches, you can add a new bird as a descendant of the current pair. To do that, simply click on the "New" button at top of the right list (Descendants). The software will ask if the bird is already registered in the software or if you need to create one (new bird card).

Depending on your choice, the list of the birds or a new bird card will be opened.

General View

The standard view

Is the list of all pairs, this is one for example, of this kind of view:

The detailed view

Mainly used for poultry or cases where one male has been mated with different females in the same season.

As you can see, the pairs list has been splitted in two lists in this mode.

This is really useful for poultry breedings, where you have all males at the left, followed by every female which are linked to the selected male. Selecting the female will list every eggs and descendants linked to the selected female AND the selected male.

You can switch between views as much as you want, depending on your needs.

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Under construction. Please come back later for more information.

The Light Edition is free, you can download and install it using this link.