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Currently the v4 beta is free and has no limit.
Take a subscription to encourage our work
Once the v4 has reached is final stage the subscription will start to take effect.
If you are here for the Windows v3 software, click here.

Subscription offers (v4)

    • Free

      • Unlimited birds
      • Up to 5 couples per season
      • Local backups
      • Data synchronization up to 2 devices    
      • Priority support
    • Basic

      • Unlimited birds
      • Up to 10 couples per season
      • Local backups + Daily cloud backups
      • Data synchronization up to 3 devices    
      • Priority support
While we think these types of subscription will cover most of our customers needs, some cases have more specicities than others.
Professional Breeders, Zoological Park, and Biological Research Institutes should get a custom quote.
Questions and answers
Should I buy it now because I feel that this program seems to fullfill my needs?
No, we advise you to install and test the free version before considering purchasing it.
Take your time: there is no time limit. Our goal is to only have happy customers!
Will I have access to my data once my subscription has ended?
Yes. You may not be able to create / edit / synchronize records if you have reached the indicated limit of the free subscription.
There is always a possibility to export some data (CSV - Microsoft Excel or any CSV compatible program) or all the data (JSON formatting).
Can I export my data to another program if I am not satisfied?
Yes. You can export some data to access them in your favorite spreadsheet editor (Microsoft Excel or any other CSV compatible program).
Backups are made in a standard way (JSON formatting).
That means that ANY program can open it and see its structure to retrieve the data.
The data is yours, you are free to retrieve your data and import it in another program if you want.
Can I keep a local backup and recover from it?
Yes. Just keep the installer somewhere safe and you will be able to reinstall the program and import a backup generated by the same version.
I know many other apps, why should I choose yours?
It is the only app that exists since 2006, no worries, we are not leaving soon and regular updates will be provided.
It is the only app that you can use offline and synchronize the data when you are back online.
It is the only app that is available on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.    
Translated in 15 languages, if your language is missing we can certainly add it

v3 v4 Questions about the migration from the v3? Click here for more information about this topic.

Perpetual software license (v3)
Buy Birds Evolution Pro v3 (Windows)

If you have bought the software after 2015, there is no need to pay it again as the upgrade to the latest v3 is included.

Includes 24 months of v4 subscription. You will be able to upgrade without any additional fee during that period.

Install and test the free version before considering purchasing it to avoid any disappointment.

The v4 is a complete overhaul of the v3 on another technical platform, they are not visually alike, some features are different even if their purpose is the same.
Some features are not yet available on the version 4.

There is a feature to import a v3 database into the v4 so no data will be lost once you want to upgrade.

Get the version 4 if you need to synchronize data between different devices (Windows, Mac, Android (Google), iOS (Apple)).

v3 v4 Questions about migrating from the version 3? Click here for more information about this topic.