Birds Evolution Pro

A Bird Breeding Software Built For You

Full genealogical follow up

Pedigree over 5 generations

Visualize the offspring over several generations, and ascendants on many types of kinship (grandparents, uncles, cousins ​​... and so much more!).

Keep track of the qualities and flaws of your lineages.

You will be alerted to the formation of new pairs of birds with known defects (eg, aggressiveness to offspring).

Simple and efficient breeding management

Preload the data of 87 species including the characteristics of their mutations.

If this is not enough, it is very simple to manually add the species you are missing.

Easily organize couples your breeding

The composition of your couples is facilitated by a dedicated interface containing many filters (allowing you to exclude or include some birds based on genealogical relationships and other parameters).

The percentage of consanguinity is automatically checked

Verification is done with each new registered pair. The list of common ancestors is also available.

View the current broods in detail

Follow each egg with the pre-calculated dates for fertility and hatching checks.

Follow the treatments of your birds

You can set reminders for deworming, vitamins and preventative treatments against diseases.

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Breeding results and statistics

Get different statistics on your farm

Percentages reflecting the evolution of your breeding over a given period (birth rate, mortality rate, fertility rate). You can even analyze the results of a particular bird.

Evaluate your birds

You can also enter the results of the exhibitions.

Manage the budget linked to your bird breeding

List the expenses and income of your farm. Simplified billing management is integrated into the software.

Genetic mutations

In one click retrieve all the potential genetic outcome of a couple

Get detailed probabilities of obtaining mutations of offspring.

Simplified mode

For beginners in genetics, no need to complicate the task: you can note without going into details the variety of each bird.

And much more !

Save reusable custom filters

To be more productive and more easily find the data you are interested in

Grouped changes

Use the bulk add or edit functions to simplify your data entry as you would an Excel spreadsheet, for example.

It adapts to your use.

There are often several ways to perform an action, you can choose the procedure that suits you best. For example, you can define the relationship of a bird directly from the family tree, or directly by modifying the bird's card.

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